Financial sovereignity via open-source cryptocurrency solutions

We leverage the power of the Bitcoin and Ethereum ecosystems to create next-generation products over Layer-2 protocols with safe cold-storage support.

UX-driven development

We leverage off-chain tech to develop user friendly solutions, with the goal to get cryptocurrency into the mainstream

Cold Storage

Cold storage support


Mobile-first cross-platform expertise


Bitcoin-first, but multi-currency too (e.g. stablecoin tech)


OpenSource-only solutions


Payment-streaming via Lighting Network


Browser-extension technology via WebAssembly

Technologies we work with

Are you sure you trust JavaScript (a language invented in 10 days) to manage your money? Or how about a programming language invented in the 70s (C)? Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is plagued by substandard or unmaintainable solutions and we’re here to fix it. Functional programming and static typing are our bread and butter, and blockchain technologies our marmalade.

The first blockchain and the biggest in value, security and community
.NET/Mono expertise
Instant, low-fee & streamable payments
Safe and performant Rust-based integrations


We develop our own open-source products, but most of the time we're improving the libraries and frameworks that we benefitted from in the first place. Open source is not only a more transparent and accountable solution, but it also happens to be the most cost-effective one.


We are a group of professionals with technical backgrounds who simply prefer to get things done instead of waiting around for others to do things for us. We develop our own products, but you’ll also find us helping businesses and communities from a technical and strategic perspective. So, even if you have your own resources, don’t hesitate to contact us for some extra assistance.

Andres G. Aragoneses
Andrew Cann
Bryan Edds
James A.


These partners and API/services below have been of tremendous help in getting us to where we are now.